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Co-brand with bru

There's no better way to show your commitment to ending single use cups and bottles than by providing co-branded ones for your staff, clients and customers. 

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Due to growing awareness of the impact of disposable cups and bottles, offering alternative reusable products shows that your company is on the ball with sustainability.

Our cups and bottles can be personalised with your own logo or artwork, whether in coloured print or laser engraving, and are available in a variety of colours to compliment your branding.

We have a simple and efficient process which means you can receive your co-branded order in as little as 14 days.

Two options

Laser engraved - this removes a layer of powder coating to reveal your logo in stainless steel.

Ink printed - this involves printing your logo onto the surface in a colour of your choice.

Corporate gifts

Show your clients and employees how much they're valued by surprising them with a personalised gift that they can use in the office and out.


Personalise our bru cups & bottles with your logo and give them out as freebies at events to get your brand noticed for the right reasons.


Whether you're an independent cafe or international bank, co-branded products allow your customers to do the marketing for you wherever they go. 

Contact us today to find out more about our co-branding and wholesale options.

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