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8th January 2021

5 ingenious uses for your thermal cup

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If you were lucky enough to receive a bru cup or any other reusable coffee cup during the festive season, and you're wondering how you can make the most of it, you've come to the right place! We've got 5 ideas to make sure that lockdown doesn't prevent you using your new item.

1. Hot drinks

Insulated cups and flasks originally came about because people who spent a lot of time outdoors (especially in the cold), needed something watertight and insulated to so that they could still warm up with some hot tea or coffee during long hikes. The problem with traditional flasks however, is they aren't designed for the proper coffee or tea experience because they have fairly small drinking holes and long necks which prevent leisurely sipping. Our bru cups on the other hand are made with all that in mind whilst keeping your drinks hot for up to 3h so your drink fills you with nothing short of pleasure when you come to drink it an hour or more later after getting distracted whilst working from home.

Don't believe us? Check out our reviews!

2. Cold drinks

Insulation works just as well for keeping your drinks hot as it does for keeping them cold (if not, better!). Last year, the Spring and Summer were the hottest on record and we doubt that was a one-off. If you remember how desperate you felt for ice cold drinks during the heatwave, you will appreciate the insulation properties of bru cups. The double-walled stainless steel base, can keep drinks ice cold for up to 6h. Now, you just need to master that homemade iced coffee and lemonade if we don't come out of lockdown before then! 

Check out our thermal cup collection here.

3. Alcohol

Many of you might be doing dry January and we salute you in your efforts! But during the rest of the year (or perhaps in the off-chance that your dry Jan becomes a wet one), you can can use your bru cup for a cheeky glass of anything you fancy. Have you noticed that your bru cup looks just like the shape of the top part of a wine glass? Coincidence? Possibly not! Be it wine, bubbly, beer, cocktail or kombucha, bru cups are the perfect vessel to enjoy your favourite tipple! 

What's more, is that we are an environmentally conscious company, caring about much more than just the bottom line. Find out more here.

4. Soups and stews

Winter is the time for chilly walks outdoors with your family and hot, comforting soups or rich stews when you get back home. But have you ever wanted to have the soup during your walk? Well, you can. bru cups double up as food flasks due to their wider, rounded shape which lends itself perfectly for filling up with soups and stews to take on your longer outdoor adventures. Especially useful at times you decide to venture out into remote areas or simply when places are shut (ahem, lockdown).

If you want to learn more about bru cups, visit our FAQs page.

5. Ice cream

Some people love ice cream on hot Summer days and some like it all year round. Whoever you are though, you've probably had enough ice cream to sympathise with the frustration of your ice cream melting too quickly (because re-frozen ice cream is never the same!). bru cups can put an end to this awful situation because being double-walled, these thermal cups will keep your ice cream cold so you can draw out that pleasure much, much longer.

The bottom line...

... bru cups are so versatile that no COVID and no lockdowns will stop you making the most of yours. Now available for worldwide shipping!

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