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bru Travel*

A reusable coffee cup (or tea mug) designed for enjoying drinks on-the-go.

Get ready to look forward to Mondays again with our minimal, leak-proof, ceramic-lined, temperature regulating, hygienic and car friendly travel mug.

bru Travel is certified Carbon Neutral with ClimatePartner.

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Redefine on-the-go drinking.

Versatile by design.

We designed bru Travel to give people an alternative which out-performs the current options of reusable coffee cups & travel mugs, so that there's no excuse for single-use. Ideal for home brewing, commuting, cycling, travelling... you name it, it does it.

Lets talk features.

360° Degree Drinking Design.

Simply push to open and the 360 degree technology lets you drink from any angle while allowing the aromas from your drink to be inhaled as you sip. The concave cap design ensures your nose doesn't get squished while you drink. Just push to close and lock the lid

Ceramic Internal Coating.

An innovative ceramic coating has been applied on the inside of the cup to give you the feeling of drinking from a ceramic mug. 100% odour free, it doesn’t taint the taste or smell of your drink. This coating improves the mouth-feel and it’s also stain resistant making it a doddle to keep your cup clean.

Double Walled Technology

Double-walled, thermal, vacuum insulated- call it what you want! Bottom line, is drinks stay hot for up to 6 hours and cold for 12. Great for those of us who tend to forget to drink our drinks in time, having to re-make them or endure sub-optimal temperatures. The same technology prevents the outer surface of the cup getting hot or sweating.

100% Leak-Proof.

Bru Travel is 100% leak-proof meaning you can stop worrying about spills in your bag or on your outfit whilst commuting, cycling, holidaying or just about anywhere else life takes you. The lid has an indentation line which is visible only when your lid is in the ‘closed’ position so you know when it’s safe to chuck.

Car Cup Holder Friendly

The size and shape has been specifically designed to fit all common car cup holders. Bru Travel can also fit handle-attached bike cup holders and fit into rucksack bottle pockets so you can enjoy great coffee on-the-go.

Shatterproof & Powder Coated.

The base is made from durable, food-grade safe stainless steel so even if it takes a few falls, it won’t break (though it might dent!). The ceramic internal coating doesn’t shatter either and the matt powder coat external finish, reduces scratches and prolongs the life of your cup.

Form, Function & Aesthetics.

We’ve tapered the lid and tapered the sides to achieve a sleek, elegant profile that’s comfortable to hold even for the daintiest hand, and a pleasure to be seen with even for the most style-conscious. The matt powder coating is textured for anti-slippage and the and the silicone bottom helps keep your cup stable on flat surfaces.

Easy Cleaning

The cup can be quickly washed by hand, with a brush or sponge and warm soapy water. Ocassional dishwasher cleaning on the top rack is okay. The lid is top-rack dishwasher safe for daily washing but can also be washed by hand. For deep cleaning, the lid is easily taken apart into 3 parts and silicone ring removed.

Safe & Sustainable Materials.

Stainless steel has been chosenfor the base due to it’s inherent durability and limitless recyclability as long as it is disposed of correctly. The internal and external coatings do not affect the recyclability. The lid is made from PP (polypropylene), which is a plastic that is known to be one of the safest and most benign in it’s manufacture and disposal. PP is recyclable when disposed of correctly. Both the cup and lid are BPA, BPS and pfthalate-free.

Mix & Match.

Lids and bases are interchangeable with the same lid fitting all our bru Travel cups. This means that if you have more than one cup in different colours, you can make beautiful combinations to suit your mood and style.

Mix & Match.

Our Environmental Promise.

Why choose bru? We're committed to give back and looking after our planet.

A Carbon Neutral Product.

We work with ClimatePartner to calculate the carbon equivalent emissions related to the life-cycle-analysis of our bru Travel cups so we can find ways to reduce our impact where we can and offset what we can’t. Click on the icon above to find out more.

1 % For The Planet.

We’re proud members of 1% For The Planet, meaning that one percent from every sale supports a non-profit organisation tackling social, climate and Earth justice. We’ve partnered with Bush Heritage. Click on the icon above to find out more here.